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21 Analytics Launches 21 AI: A Travel Rule Expert

25 Aug, 2023

Meet 21 AI, our newest innovation. 21 AI is trained on copious amounts of in-house data to assist compliance and technical teams at virtual asset service providers (VASPs) with their Travel Rule compliance journey. 

As the AI is still in its BETA (testing) phase, we welcome feedback from our users to further train the technology to be the ultimate Travel Rule knowledge base for the ecosystem.  You can help by evaluating if the answer you received was helpful or not, or if your question was not answered, reach out and let us know

What Is 21 AI?

21 AI is an artificial intelligence (AI) application designed to provide automated responses to users via text. It uses natural language processing (NLP) techniques to understand user input, analyse it, and generate relevant and contextually appropriate responses.

21 AI is trained on hundreds of in-house regulatory and technical crypto content types, ensuring user-friendly and fast access to whatever is being searched. Additionally, all the data that 21 AI has been trained on was vetted to avoid the spread of misinformation, ensuring a trustworthy and reliable source.

“What makes 21 AI truly unique is its crypto-compliance-specific knowledge base. 21 AI has been trained on our in-house knowledge, ensuring more accurate results than general-purpose AI platforms.” Lucas Betschart, CEO 21 Analytics. 

21 AI Key Features

  • Assistance in your language

  • Instantaneous feedback from reliable sources

  • Crypto specific information 

21 AI has been designed to assist users 24/7, regardless of location or language. 21 Analytics’ Travel Rule robot can swiftly direct users to the relevant pages, sources and resources based on the request, streamlining the user experience.  For example, when searching for a specific Travel Rule detail, such as threshold, date of implementation or self-hosted wallets application in each country, users will be promptly directed to the corresponding source, with further reading options.

Crypto-interested people no longer need to invest valuable time in searching for, reading and interpreting the appropriate regulations. Due to the copious amounts of in-house data it has been trained on, answers are provided instantaneously, making 21 AI a comprehensive Travel Rule resource. 

As 21 AI is crypto-specific, users can access crypto regulations, crypto tech and general crypto information answers quickly, with more accurate answers than one would find when doing a Google search.  

How Does 21 AI Aid Crypto Compliance? 

The software was intentionally designed to be familiar to users, similar to existing AI apps.  Users can ask 21 AI anything about crypto regulations, such as the Transfers of Funds Regulation (TFR), crypto compliance technology like 21 Analytics’ LEI Generator or general crypto compliance topics and be answered instantly. 

Explore our new feature today: 21 AI [BETA].

Please note 21 AI is a preview of what will be possible with AI in crypto compliance. The information generated is for general informational purposes only. It is not intended to be relied upon as accounting, financial, legal or other professional advice. Please contact our team for specific advice.

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