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Developing in Rust since 2019

Our team of senior software engineers have been working with Rust as their main programming language for over 3 years. That makes us one of the early adopters using Rust in the development of various projects. 21 Travel Rule, our core product, is fully developed in Rust.

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Publicly Proven Track Record

21 Analytics has contributed to many Rust crates, such as rust-secp256k1, Diesel, Axum, Juniper, async-graphql, Lettre, Strum, Rocket, hyper-proxy, git2-rs and rust-web3. We also develop open-source libraries in-house, such as ur-rs or a Rust Blockbook client library.

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Graduated from Europe's Number One Engineering University, ETH Zurich

Our Rust engineers all graduated from the prestigious ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, one of the world’s leading technical universities.

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Testimonial Background
“I have worked with many of the 21 Analytics engineers and have been impressed by their expertise, passion, and dedication. I highly recommend them for any project that requires top-notch engineering talent.”
Marko Bencun, Co-Founder at Shift Crypto AG, makers of the BitBox hardware wallet.

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