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Travel Rule Information Is Extremely Sensitive

Host your Travel Rule solution on-premises, maximising data privacy.

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Everything on-premises
Only share data with the required counterparty. Nobody has access to your data but you.
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Arbitrary data retention
Keep the data for as long as you are required. Or longer if you want. You decide.
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Zero overhead on legal matters
A Travel Rule solution with no opaque disclaimers for your legal team to study.

Why On-premises?

Full Control

On-premises means you run software on your own hardware or cloud. This is opposed to another popular way of using software called Software-as-a-Service or SaaS.

On-premises software has the advantage that you, as a user of the software, are in full control. You decide where the software runs geographically. You decide what security considerations are important to you. You decide what happens to the data.

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Data Retention

Data retention is important in compliance. It is important that you are in control of your data. How long will you keep it? Or prune it upon request of a user? How can you be sure that all information is scrubbed? With the actual data on your infrastructure, you can be in full control of what happens with the data.

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Zero Legal Overhead

Storing Personal Identifiable Information is a precarious endeavour. A breach can be fatal to your business. In order to mitigate the risk as much as possible, it is vitally important to assess the measures a counterparty storing that PII has in place. This is a costly, time-consuming and specialised process. Prevent these hidden costs by storing your PII yourself.

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Unsure about Travel Rule Data Protection?

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