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Verify Self-hosted Wallets with 100% Accuracy

Support any self-hosted wallet by offering 4 ownership-proof methods.

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average cost cut per proof using AOPP

10 sec

average time to prove ownership


fewer support requests

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Use any method of ownership proof
Automate with AOPP and Satoshi Tests, receive wallet-signed messages or upload visual proofs.
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Keep your customers in with a frictionless flow
Remove your compliance bottlenecks for happier customers and revenue growth.
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No more incomplete data from Blockchain Analytics
Finally know who owns an address with 100% accuracy, and reduce risks.

Why Choose AOPP?

Offer an Uninterrupted Experience

No more customers waiting before they can proceed with withdrawal.

Drastically Reduce Your Helpdesk Support Requests

Self-guided frictionless experience that only requires 1 click from your customers.

No Manual Work for Your Users or Your Team

Move away from costly, cumbersome ownership-proof methods like Satoshi Tests and manual signing.

Identify Any Wallet, Even Newly Generated Addresses

Do not depend on previous wallet transactions and unreliable chain analytics.
Allow your customer to provide you with accurate ownership proof.

Integrate, Automate and That’s It

No recurrent work for your team.

Unsure If You Need to Obtain Proof of Ownership?

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