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Learn How to Comply with The EU's Travel Rule Workflow

See exactly what needs to be done in each transaction scenario regarding the Travel Rule. Transfers with self-hosted wallets, VASPs in your jurisdiction, outside your country and more.

Travel Rule Demands in Europe

Know how to comply with the Transfer of Funds Regulation (TFR) in seconds

Real-life Scenarios for VASPs

Cover all types of customer transactions according to EU's regulation

Actionable Breakdown

Train your team and work on your compliance program with ease

Get the Actionable Workflow

What You Will Receive In This Travel Rule Workflow

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Learn how to be compliant with the Transfer of Funds Regulation when transacting with:

  • Self-hosted wallets
  • VASPs in Europe
  • VASPs outside Europe
  • VASPs that are not Travel-Rule-ready
  • Low and high transaction values

And benefit from:

  • Easily matching your VASP’s operation to applicable regulation
  • Have your team educated on European Travel Rule quicker
  • Fast track your compliance program’s Travel Rule update
  • Gain executive and product buy-in with a 1-pager they will love
  • Be up-to-date with the latest TFR agreements
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