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21 Travel Rule

Benefit from easy Travel Rule compliance that protects your data. Leverage an on-premises solution that cannot see your data, removing all GDPR risks. Be flexible and support every Travel Rule protocol in the market.

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21 Virtual Counter

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Request Travel Rule data in a frictionless way, without extra development needed. Be compliant with ease, licensing your own platform for customer’s information input.

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21 Sunrise

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Keep transacting with any VASP, whether they have a Travel Rule solution in place or not. You are always covered. Receive and send information to any counterparty with ease.

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Use Cases

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Self-hosted Wallet Verification

Verify proof of address ownership in 1‑click with AOPP's 100% accuracy.

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Travel Rule Automation

Set up business rules and free your team from manual work.

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Data Security

Remove data risks by leveraging an on-premises solution.

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Transaction Screening

Review, approve or decline Travel Rule transfers with all data in one place.

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If you are a startup and need the basics for compliance checks then this is the tier for you.
  • Decentralised, royality free protocol for the Travel Rule.
  • Upgrades and bug fixes.
  • Unlimited transactions and users.
  • On-premises guarantees data protection.
All of our features, as well as access to custom API, our 21 Sunrise and 21 Virtual Counter.
  • All our starter tier goodness.
  • Transaction risk assessment.
  • Self-hosted wallet ownership proofs support.
  • API access for full customisation and automation.
  • All our modules.
For infrastructure providers who want a Software-as-a-Service Travel Rule solution for their customers.
  • All our enterprise tier goodness.
  • Run as SaaS for your customers.
  • Integrate with your existing offering.
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