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Implement the Travel Rule Protocol (TRP) with Our Support

Easily implement the open-source TRP standard - no licence needed.

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Save Time and Resources

Develop and Test Against the TRP Reference Implementation

Leverage the defacto reference implementation and ensure compatibility with all other players by testing against the first software that uses TRP, 21 Travel Rule. You can develop and test interoperability against our software to guarantee your compatibility with the TRP specification.

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Direct Support from the Main TRP Contributor

21 Analytics is the leading contributor to the TRP specification. Since Summer 2020, we have been shaping the development of the TRP specification and have built up extensive knowledge and experience. We will answer questions about the specification and help debug your implementation.

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Access Our TRP SDK

Our software libraries and development tools make it easy to implement TRP:

  • Leverage our open-source InterVASP IVMS 101 library.
  • Use our IVMS Validator to check the correctness of your own IVMS implementation.
  • Leverage our open-source Rust LEI library.
  • Encode and decode Travel Addresses using our online tool.
  • Generate valid LEIs to set up your test instances.
  • Leverage our proprietary Rust Travel Address library (libraries for any other programming language are available on request).
  • Or license our full TRP daemon and integrate it through its API to get the TRP reference implementation out-of-the-box, including data management.

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