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Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP)

A VASP is an organisation/person that operates for or on behalf of another person. As defined by the FATF, VASP activities include:

  • Exchange between virtual assets and fiat currencies,

  • Exchange between one or more forms of virtual assets,

  • Transfer of virtual assets,

  • Safekeeping and/or administration of virtual assets or instruments enabling control over virtual assets,

  • Participation in and provision of financial services related to an issuer's offer and/or sale of a virtual asset.

Jurisdiction-dependent, a VASP can also be known as 

  • Australia: Digital Currency Exchange Provider (DCEP)

  • Canada: Crypto Asset Trading Platform (CTP)

  • Estonia: Virtual Currency Service Provider (VCSP)

  • EU: Crypto asset service provider (CASP)

  • France: Digital Asset Service Provider (DASP)

  • Japan: Crypto Asset Exchange Service Provider (CESP)

  • Liechtenstein: Trusted Technology Service Provider (TT Service Provider)

  • Singapore: Digital Payment Token Providers (DPT Providers)

  • UK: Cryptoasset Business (CB)

  • USA: Money Service Business (MSB)

Read about the latest FATF updates and how it impacts VASPs.

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