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Manual Message Signing Method

Before completing a virtual asset transfer, to or from a self-hosted address, a virtual asset service provider (VASP) will generate a message and ask the self-hosted wallet owner to sign this message and return the signature and associated address. 

The user generally has their wallet software generate a new address. The private key associated with the address can then be used to sign an arbitrary message. 

The message that the VASP, also known as a crypto service provider (CASP), sends to the wallet owner will need to be copied and pasted into the wallet owner’s wallet software.  The wallet owner will sign the message in their wallet software and submit the resulting signature and address to the VASP. The VASP can then verify their ownership. 

Sometimes, this method may be referred to as supplying a “digital signature.” 

This method differs from automated message signing methods, like AOPP, as the wallet user will need to complete this signing process manually. 

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