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Automated Message Signing Method

Before completing a virtual asset transfer, a virtual asset service provider (VASP) will generate a message and ask the self-hosted wallet owner to sign this message. 

This method differs from manual message signing methods, as the wallet user will not need to complete the signing process in multiple, complicated steps; instead, the whole process is automated for the VASP and the wallet owner with one click.  

The signed message, along with the new address, is automatically returned to the VASP, also known as a crypto service provider (CASP), and stored. 

Address Ownership Proof Protocol (AOPP) is a concrete example of the automated message signing method. 

Automated message signing methods offer many benefits to users and VASPs, the efficiency of this approach is exemplified by the rapid verification of wallet ownership within seconds.  The automated process ensures a seamless and secure experience. This method surpasses the security of traditional screenshot options, providing a safer alternative. Additionally, it offers a user-friendly approach compared to the cumbersome manual signing process.

Address reuse concerns become virtually nonexistent, enhancing overall security. The absence of copying and pasting addresses minimises susceptibility to malware attacks, fortifying the system against potential threats. 

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