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Friday, May 24, 2024

21 Product Family 7.0.0 includes major improvements to the user management, asset and wallet support and GUI:

Single-sign On

Keycloak has replaced the old authentication system. It uses single-sign on to authenticate, which means no sign-up forms are required. It also allows you to have a super admin to manage all the compliance officers’ accounts. It is much easier to add new users and manage the accounts. This also means that users with a Keycloak account can easily integrate 21 Travel Rule into their existing authentication system.

Introduction to keycloak 21travel realm

A 21travel Keycloak Realm has been created for you. This acts as a container for all 21 Analytics products. You can add users and passwords on the Users tab.

DTI Virtual Assets

21 Travel Rule now supports more than 2400 virtual assets using the ISO 24165 standard DTI (Digital Token Identifier).

Dropdown showing the DTI virtual assets with their corresponding blockchain

You can now see various virtual assets alongside their corresponding blockchain.


Quickproof is a new feature that allows you to create a one-time use URL, allowing your customers to give proof of ownership to a wide range of wallets. It supports bitcoin and Ethereum wallets for both withdrawal and deposit and uses a unique proof ID that can be associated with a specific customer. The URL looks like this:



Quickproof and Virtual Counter now let you use any wallet from WalletConnect when choosing Ethereum deposits or withdraws. WalletConnect includes more than 400 Web3-based wallets.

A modal showing the WalletConnect wallets

Satoshi Test Improvements

The Satoshi Test now supports Solana, XRP (Ripple), USD Stablecoins, EUR Stablecoins, and a fallback amount, in addition to the previous bitcoin and Ethereum.

Satoshi test settings with the new Solana, XRP, USD Stablecoins, EUR Stablecoins and a fallback amount as well as the Due Time

You can also configure the Due Time to any amount of hours you want.

Reporting & Exporting Improvements


The .docx and .xlsx exports now include a time-stamped equivalent of the fiat currency for each crypto assets transaction.

Self-hosted Wallets Proofs

The .xslx for proofs includes details for signature proofs, the Satoshi Test, and media proofs. You can now see the signature of the signature proof, the media path for media proofs and numerous details for Satoshi Test proofs. An object ID has been added to each proof, which helps you query the proofs.

Audit Logs

You can now export audit logs in .xlsx format.

Email Flow Improvements

Two new flows have been added to the email transactions protocol.

You can now send an email requesting confirmation from the VASP when archiving a new transaction.

A checkbox asking to get a confirmation from the VASP before the transaction occurs

The VASP will be notified with the following email:

An email with the details to confirm the transaction

A password has been added to the attachment for increased security on the transaction details.

GUI Improvements

A list of improvements has been added to the GUI

  • Removed icons from the header.
  • The Transactions page columns have now been reordered.
  • "Archive New Transaction" and "Send Transaction Notification" are now available in all Transactions page tabs.
  • Spreadsheet and Doc exports have been replaced with icons on the detail transaction modal.
  • Detail transaction modal tables have been modified to be more readable.
  • Wallet Address now has a proof ID alongside each proof on the Self-hosted Wallets page.
  • Wallet Address now has a proof ID alongside each proof on the Self-hosted Wallets page.
  • You can now see the Risk Score in the Status column of the Self-hosted Wallet page.
  • Name and LEI unified in Counterparty VASPs
  • Created at added to Counterparty VASPs
  • Name and ID unified in Address Book
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