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Travel Rule Compliance Software

Transact with VASPs and self-hosted wallets,
with guaranteed data protection.

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Switzerland was the first country to enforce the FATF Travel Rule.

As a Swiss company founded in April 2020, we know first-hand how to tackle this challenge.

What Do You Need to Do?

Verify Self-hosted Wallet Ownership

Transact with Other VASPs (FATF Travel Rule)

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With support for more than 1600 tokens by leveraging ISO 24165.

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Why Choose 21 Analytics?

Transact With Self-hosted Wallets

We are the only solution provider that enables you to be compliant when transactions involve self-hosted wallets, the most popular fallback of the FATF Travel Rule.
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Transact With Every VASP

Support various FATF Travel Rule protocols to transact with any VASP, be it prepared for the FATF Travel Rule or not.
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Fully Own the Data

All exchanged data and PII can only be seen by your team, as our software solution runs on your servers. Less legal work, safer business and guaranteed data protection.
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Curious About Our Offer?

Unlimited Transactions:

Our solution doesn't place artificial limits on your growth. Use it for thousands of transactions of any size at the same fixed price.

Instant Start:

You decide how much you want to integrate: Automate everything or start using the software as-is immediately.

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