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Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)

A code that is particular to a business entity is called a Legal Entity Identifier (LEI).  The code, made up of 20 alphanumeric characters, enables the identification of businesses in a global database. 

The following information will show up when utilising the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation's (GLEIF) LEI search;

  • the name of the business,

  • its address,

  • if the business is a subsidiary of another business and

  • and where it has been registered.

Because the codes are universally standardised, it is possible to identify commercial entities both internationally and uniquely with its LEI code. For this reason, LEI is an integral part of the TRP standard.

21 Analytics created a random LEI Code generator. You can generate a random LEI to test your TRP software. The LEI generator is a secure alternative if you do not want to test with your real LEI code. 

Click here to try our random LEI generator. 

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