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21 Analytics Publishes Open-source Blockbook Library in Rust

22 Nov, 2023

21 Analytics once again open-sources a software library, making it easier for engineers to develop blockchain applications. Our Rust Blockbook library allows wallet software to provide users with up-to-date information on their transactions, account balances, and more. This ensures that users have the latest insights into their digital asset holdings.

What Is Blockbook? 

Blockbook is an open-source software that serves as a backend component for crypto wallets (such as Trezor and Edge) and other applications and services. Through Blockbook, applications can access real-time blockchain data, such as transaction information, address balances, account history, and publish new transactions.

Blockbook’s main features are:

  • Maintenance of address indexes and corresponding address balances from the linked blockchain.

  • Swift and efficient index searching.

  • User-friendly blockchain explorer.

  • Accessible throWebSocket and REST API

  • Accommodation for various cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin and Ethereum), with seamless potential for expansion to other coin types - Blockbook currently supports over 30 coins.

Find out more about Blockbook here

What Is 21 Analytics’ Blockbook Library? 

Our open-source Blockbook library facilitates decentralised data retrieval, meaning that wallet applications can retrieve blockchain data from a server via an API. 

How Does 21 Analytics’ Blockbook Library Work? 

A piece of software can use the Blockbook library to communicate with a Blockbook Server to access the Bitcoin Blockchain data.

Instead of developers having to implement a specific protocol (API) into their software, our open-source Blockbook library can be utilised. The library acts as the gateway retrieving the data from the Blockbook servers.  

Using our Blockbook library makes it easier for software engineers to access the data on the Blockbook server without having to implement the API themselves. 

What Are the Benefits of 21 Analytics’ Blockbook Library? 

Desktop and mobile cryptocurrency wallet applications can integrate the Blockbook library to give users a comprehensive overview of their digital assets. This ensures that users have access to reliable information regardless of the platform they use.

The library can also power other applications, such as blockchain explorers, enabling users to search and view transaction histories, addresses, and blocks in a user-friendly and efficient manner.

Find out more about 21 Analytics’ Blockbook library here.

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